Every person at Waiuku Family Support works to the following contract.

"I will treat all knowledge of clients and WFSN members as confidential and not pass on any information without their prior consent unless the safety of the client or others is threatened."

In less formal terms, what goes on at Family Support stays in Family Support. It's actually even stricter than that. If you are working with one of the professional team (Counsellor, budget adviser or community social worker) only they would have access to the information they keep on you and this information would only be shared with another member of the team if you approved and they were also working on your behalf. On top of that, nothing is ever talked about outside the Centre, not even to say you were a client. We don't even greet you if we see you on the street, although of course we would acknowledge you if you greeted us. Information is only shared on a need to know basis.

There are two exceptions, under Sections 15 & 16 of the Children Young Persons and Families Act we have an obligation to "Report any ill treatment or neglect of a child or young person whether that harm shall be physical, emotional or sexual to a social worker or a member of the police."

The second exception is if someone is in imminent danger of committing suicide.

Any records the counsellors, social workers or budget advisors keep, are kept in locked filing cabinets in locked offices and the building is burglar alarmed. Minimal records are kept on computer and these rarely have names, usually just initials.

We work to Ministry of Social Development, Child Youth and Family approved standards of professionalism, record keeping etc but we do not work for them, we are responsible to you, the client.