26 May - Tangaroa Kio Kio - Planting / Bush Days / Give Back

Need Help Now?

Our team are available during office hours but we encourage those who need our services to pop in or call us on 09 2359009.

We also understand that sometimes help is needed urgently at any time of the day or night, If you need urgent help for youself or a loved one please select from the dropdown below what support you need and a options will be provided




An all-day helpline.
Phone 0800 726 666.

What's Up

Phone counselling is available Monday to Friday, 1pm–10pm and weekends, 3pm–10pm.
Online chat is available 7pm–10pm daily.
Phone: 0800 942 8787.


Phone: 0800 376 633.
Free Text 234.
Email talk@youthline.co.nz
or chat online.


For young people, up to 18 years of age. Open 24/7.
Phone: 0800 54 37 54 (0800 KIDSLINE).


Text or talk with a trained counsellor 24 hours a day.
Free service. Text or phone: 1737.

The Lowdown

Straight up answers and help for when ‘life sucks’.
Email team@thelowdown.co.nz
Free text 5626.

Depression or suicide crisis helplines

Depression Helpline

A free 24/7 helpline.
Phone: 0800 111 757.


A telephone counselling service that provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week counselling and support.
Phone: 0800 543 354.

Mental Health Foundation

Phone: 09 623 4812.

Suicide Crisis Helpline

Provides support, information and resources to people at risk of suicide, family / whanau, friends affected by suicide and people supporting someone with suicidal thoughts and/or suicidal behaviours.
Phone 0508 TAUTOKO (0508 828 865).

Help with porn

The Light Project

Provides advice on where to go and apps you can download to help.

Safe to Talk

For support with sexual harm contact Safe to Talk:,
text 4334 or try Maori Safe to talk or Pasifika Safe to talk.

Bullying, grooming or sextortion


Keeps people safe online and provides free help seven days a week.
Free phone 0508 638 723,
email help@netsafe.org.nz 
or text 4282.

Mental Health Foundation

Phone: 09 623 4812.


Phone: 0800 376 633.
Free Text 234.
Email talk@youthline.co.nz
or chat online.


For young people, up to 18 years of age. Open 24/7.
Phone: 0800 54 37 54 (0800 KIDSLINE).


0508 744 633 – free telephone counselling line.

Gender and/or sexual identity


Provides confidential sexuality and or gender identity confidential telephone helpline support.
Phone: 0800 688 5463 (0800 OUTLINE)

Rainbow Youth

Dedicated to helping young queer and gender diverse (LGBTQIA+) young people up to the ages of 27, as well as their wider communities.

Legal Help

Youth Law

A free legal service for those under 25 yrs.
Phone: 0800 884 529.
Email info@youthlaw.co.nz

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Our Mission Statement:
“To strengthen family life by helping individuals and families, through their own efforts to develop their skills, to become aware of resources available to them in the surrounding community”

Our hoa haere is Manaakitanga

Waiuku Family Support Network has been providing support and services to the community since 1987.  We started as an information service and became a Charitable Trust in 26 November 1990.  Waiuku Family Support is a registered charity number CC33738.

Developing skills for a sustainable future is through strong support with pathway setting, life skills and education, linkages with whanau, social work support, advocacy with accessing resources, counselling, range of therapy  & wananga and  financial navigation. 

Knowledge (mohiotanga) strengthens resilience. 

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress. It means "bouncing back" from difficult experiences.

The key difference in our approach is that there is a self-determination principle in what outcomes will look like for individuals and whanau. We utilise all the tools in our organisation, the individuals, whanau and community kete

Let's start a
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Tangaroa Kio Kio

Moon Age - 26

Planting / Bush Days / Give Back

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